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      At a time in which seemingly everything in American culture is stacked against conservatives, we recognized the need for fresh and hard-hitting entertainment from our side. Something to help galvanize support for the looming fight ahead of us in 2020. With Liberals having a stronghold on just about everything in modern-day media, we believe Conservatism truly is the new “counter-culture” and we are here to make a contribution.

      Of course, President Trump is putting in an amazing, superhuman effort already. However, he's up against unprecedented hostility and subversion, so could use more help. The scourges of Regressive Leftist activism and economy-crushing Socialism are high on the 2020 Democrat agenda. Now is the time to not only shore up our defenses against such cancers, but to go on offense.

      U.S. Military Veteran owned & operated, MAGA MILFS is the culmination of years and years of passive political observation. We finally grew tired of merely watching from the sidelines.  In today's political climate, who hasn't wasted countless hours of their life on social media in senseless comment thread debates that never go anywhere? (especially against Regressive Leftists)

      So, with all those things considered, we have put together an animated cartoon series featuring a pair of new American heroes: the MAGA MILFS.  In real life, Mature Intelligent Ladies Fighting Socialism played a crucial role in President Trump's historic 2016 victory. Based on the numbers, they will be even more pivotal in 2020. To help symbolize the invaluable contribution of American female patriots, we've created strong animated heroes to fight Socialism like never before.

      A word of caution must be given… This series will not be for the faint of heart. While it will be satirical in nature, it will absolutely NOT operate within the confines of political correctness. We fully expect the Leftist-controlled “big tech” and social media overlords to take issue -- and action -- against us. We call upon you, The People, to help us combat this. Every single view, like, share, tweet, follow and subscribe will help.  In fact, we've even created a system in which you can win some cool stuff just for doing so.

      The mission has never been clearer. The stakes, never higher. The upcoming election cycle will determine the direction of our great nation like never before. We need to rally behind this America First President, or we'll find ourselves cast aside into the dark abyss of an uncertain future. We all have a part to play, big or small. You can do your part by simply watching and enjoying the World's first Socialism-crushing tag-team, the MAGA MILFS.